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What does Surrey Stump Services do?

Due to excessive demand, Surrey Stump Services was formed by Guildford Tree Surgeons as a dedicated stump grinding company. As part of our stump removal service, we use the latest stump grinding machinery to break the stump down into wooden chippings. This leaves a versatile space ready for planting, fencing, buildings and other structures. As well as residential stump removal in Surrey, we also take on work with landscapers, builders, developers and other commercial clients across Hampshire, Berkshire and London.

Why remove a tree stump?

There are a number of reasons why you may wish to remove a tree stump from your garden. They can take up a significant amount of space which can be a particular problem if you’re looking to add structures, landscape your garden or lay new turf. They can also contribute to the development of infections and diseases, including Honey Fungus.

From a practical point of view, they can pose a safety hazard for any young children who play in the garden as well as cause serious damage to expensive grass-cutting machinery and other gardening tools.

How do you remove a tree stump?

Surrey Stump Services use the latest stump grinding equipment to grind down the stump into tiny wood chips which can be used to fill in the remaining hole or removed for responsible disposal. The cutting wheel itself is made up of carbide teeth which take the stump down to below ground level.

What happens to the tree roots?

Tree roots need to be treated with particular care and attention since removing them without the correct tools and training can cause significant damage to your garden. Exposed roots can be safely ground out along with the stump and buttress roots, however removing surrounding lateral roots is a separate task which our arborists will be happy to discuss with you.

What happens to the waste produced?

The only waste produced by Surrey Stump Services is the wood chippings themselves which can either be left in the hole ready to use at mulch or the excess is completely disposed of.

Unless specified, the chippings will be placed back into the hole or left in a convenient location for you to use in flower beds as mulch. We cannot leave an empty hole in the garden as this will continue to pose a safety hazard, however, we’ll be more than happy to include waste disposal in our initial quotation if you would like the remainder disposed of once the hole has been filled.

How much waste will be produced?

The amount of waste produced will be entirely down to the size of the stump or the number of stumps. It’s difficult to give a rough costing since this could vary from a few kilos to upwards of a ton! As a rough rule of thumb, the amount of waste produced will be roughly as high as the stump itself.

Why don’t you include removing the waste in your initial price?

Since the produced wood chippings are often used by customers as mulch, it has become the industry standard to quote these jobs without chip removal included. It helps to keep the cost to a minimum whilst avoiding the scenario of quoting customers for something that they don’t need. Ask us about waste removal during the quotation and stage and we’ll be more than happy to assist.

How much does stump removal cost?

The cost of stump removal in Surrey will depend on the width, height and number of stumps, however, we’ll provide you with a fixed quotation before commencing any work to help you budget accordingly. We can also provide accurate estimates through the use of photos, dimensions and descriptions. Our quotation/estimate form can be found on our contact page.

How quickly can you remove my tree stump?

Once we receive your enquiry we’ll get in touch to arrange a convenient time to provide you with a quotation. We aim to be flexible with our availability and will always try to work around the most hassle-free times for you.

Can you remove the stump in my absence?

Don’t worry, we often work at properties during the day while customers are at work, away on holiday or living elsewhere. We’ll always leave your property in the same condition or better than when we arrived, so you can enjoy your garden as soon as you get home.

Will my tree re-grow after stump grinding?

In most cases your tree won’t regrow, however, there are some species which may return with small shoots in the future. We’ll advise you on this when providing you with a quotation and can assist with future maintenance work where needed.

Can stumps close to structures be removed?

Yes! We use the latest tools, equipment and machinery to help us remove the most hard-to-reach stumps, whether they’re pressed against a wall or amongst other plants. We can also access stumps that are located in back gardens and side paths.

What other services can Surrey Stump Services provide?

As a subsidiary of Guildford Tree Surgeons, Surrey Stump Services are also able to provide a huge range of other services for tree surgery across Surrey, Hampshire Berkshire and London.

Our services include but are not limited to:

Tree felling and tree removal
Tree pruning and crown reductions
Tree pollarding
Hedge trimming
Tree planting
Site clearance

We also have a dedicated landscaping company in the form of Surrey Landscape Gardeners which can deliver a wide range of landscaping services including:

Block paving driveways
Indian sandstone driveways
Tarmac driveways
Patios and paths
Pergolas, gazebos and other structures
Artificial grass
Concrete bases & concreting
Brickwork, steps & walls
Garden pond construction

If you require an arboricultural or landscaping service that isn’t listed here, get in touch for a bespoke quotation.

We provide straightforward, fixed quotations to help you budget and can advise you on the best course of action prior to starting work.

If a site visit isn’t possible, we can also provide accurate estimates through the use of photos, dimensions and descriptions.


I contacted Keith as I required a Stump removing from next to a grave stone in a cemetery. He was very professional and carried out the work at the quietest time to avoid disturbing any visitors. I was away with work at the time so he sent me before and after pictures on completion.
Mark Butcher, Woking
My company needed some 3 very large chestnut stumps removing from a site we are developing and it needed to be done ASAP. Ryan completed the job very quickly and efficiently, he even came in on a Saturday!! Very Impressed.
Gemma Jones, Leatherhead



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